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Geo Targeted – Foreign Backlinks Is the newest addition offer in our well equipped catalogue of services for our clients!

What? Never heard of it?


  • Geo-Targeted – Foreign Backlinks, The most outstanding backlinks service for our loyal customers from which they can get the most miraculous results!
  • Geo-Targeted – Foreign Backlinks service is going to boost up the traffic on your website and as expected It will gain a huge figure of visitors on your Page! It leaves a great impact on your website’s ranking in the results of the search engines!
  • The special thing about Geo-Targeted – Foreign Backlinks is that they are concerned about your particularly regional website needs such as a particular country!


What are we offering ?

  • We will scrape manually high-quality country targeted blogs
  • We accepted unlimited URLs and keywords
  • We will also use deep links that you provide
  • All backlinks will be placed on country targeted pages like .uk, .ca, .nz, .au, and all other TLD’s
  • We will use unique relevant content for each link
  • Content is based on the sentence level; one sentence per link
  • We will use a blog with not more than 15 comments
  • We will provide you 100% live links report

Without any doubt, Geo-targeted links will convey your website to your desired spot in the search engines for any desired country you need!

You will get guaranteed backlinks from a variety of different platforms as blogs, forums, etc!

This will give you the place you want at any namely search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing

Features we are providing:

  • Country targeted blogs
  • 1 to 2 Line Relevant Content
  • Unique content for each link
  • High quality blogs
  • Unlimited url’s and keywords accepted
  • Manually submission
  • Turnaround time 5 to 12 Days
  • Detailed report in excel sheet
  • 24/7 support

Geo Targeted – Foreign Backlinks

Package 1

  • $25.00
  • 5 Geo Targeted - Foreign Backlinks – Accepted all Tld’s

Package 2

  • $50.00
  • 10 Geo Targeted - Foreign Backlinks – Accepted all Tld’s

Package 3

  • $100.00
  • 20 Geo Targeted - Foreign Backlinks – Accepted all Tld’s

Package 4

  • $250.00
  • 50 Geo Targeted - Foreign Backlinks – Accepted all Tld’s

Package 5

  • $500.00
  • 100 Geo Targeted - Foreign Backlinks – Accepted all Tld’s

Package 6

  • $1000.00
  • 200 Geo Targeted - Foreign Backlinks – Accepted all Tld’s
Daily Package 1

  • $300.00
  • 2 Geo Targeted - Foreign Backlinks For 30 Days – Accepted all Tld’s
  • 60 Backlinks in Total

Daily Package 2

  • $750.00
  • 5 Geo Targeted - Foreign Backlinks For 30 Days – Accepted all Tld’s
  • 150 Backlinks in Total

Daily Package 3

  • $1500.00
  • 10 Geo Targeted - Foreign Backlinks For 30 Days – Accepted all Tld’s
  • 300 Backlinks in Total


Yes, the posts and content will be written in English, the keywords might be accepted in foreign languages.

Yes! Pre-existing websites or new ones, we do it all. Not only this, but we can also build one for you and plan its SEO strategies.

We do not guarantee immediate ranking because Google and other search engines do not have any absolute rules while ranking websites and their algorithms keep changing. We use optimization tools to provide higher ranks to your website but according to Google policies some sites are not ranked immediately but your website will rank up higher for sure.

First choose your desired topic category, your target website URL, and we will immediately set up everything else required for preceding your order and backlink activation.

Yes we do, we immediately solve your problems if you have any in your orders.

Yes, absolutely. You are free to provide us any URL you like for example it can be, your Company website, Blog, Forum, Affiliate Site, online shop, YouTube Video, eBay store, Amazon account or product, and even social media pages on Facebook or Twitter.

These are high-quality backlinks, coming from country-targeted TLDs. Let’s say if your website is .co.uk so we will provide you links from .co.uk sites. We are accepting all countries for these links. These links will appear in the comments section of the blog.

Oh yes.
A detailed report with links for you to locate and read posts and activities carried on your behalf will be provided to you.

Usually, it takes no more than 5 to 12 days for the completion of your order.
We try our best to deliver services on time along with understanding your business needs best.

Refund Policy:
No Refund of Payment will be made once we delivered the report.