Offering High Quality Dofollow Blog Comments – New Strategy – Fresh Links

Why We Blow Away The Competition:

  • We Guarantee all of the comments we place will result in Do-Follow backlinks (Google’s favorite!)
  • All comments will be made manually – no garbage comments created by ‘spinning’ software….we’ve all been there and know how embarrassing and illiterate those comments make us feel
  • After placing the comments, we recheck all of them (once-again, manually) to ensure they’ve stuck before counting your order complete.
  • No Spammed Comments. We don’t just throw your links and these comments on any page that’ll take them (like most providers do, often with the help of automated SEO tools). All of your ordered comments will be made on contextually blog posts
  • All comments will be placed on pages with the high quality dofollow blogs. Most service providers promise high quality links, but then place your link on a low quality page within a site that only has a spam. When we say high quality, we mean that your link will actually be on a page that’s ranked that highly.
  • Upon completion, you’ll receive a fully detailed report of our work. We love transparency because, unlike some of other SEO providers out there, we’re proud of our work and we want you to see that we did exactly what we promised you that we would do..
  • High Quality Pages
  • 100% Dofollow Blog Comments
  • Manually Submission
  • High TF/CF/DA/PA
  • High Numbers of Referring Domains
  • Unlimited URLs and KEYWORDS accepted
    100% Satisfaction
  • Guaranteed
  • Turnaround time 5 to 12 Days
  • Detailed Report in Excel Sheet
  • 24/7 Support


Package 1

  • $17.00
  • 20 Dofollow Blog Comments

Package 2

  • $32.00
  • 37 Dofollow Blog Comments

Package 3

  • $53.00
  • 63 Dofollow Blog Comments

Package 4

  • $91.00
  • 105 Dofollow Blog Comments

Package 5

  • $113.00
  • 138 Dofollow Blog Comments

Daily Link Building Packages For 15 Days

Package 1

  • $90.00
  • 10 Dofollow Blog Comments @ $6/day

Package 2

  • $165.00
  • 20 Dofollow Blog Comments @ $11/day

Package 3

  • $210.00
  • 30 Dofollow Blog Comments @ $14/day

Package 4

  • $300.00
  • 50 Dofollow Blog Comments @ $20/day

Package 5

  • $420.00
  • 100 Dofollow Blog Comments @ $28/day

Daily Link Building Packages For 30 Days

Package 1

  • $150.00
  • 10 Dofollow Blog Comments @ $5/day

Package 2

  • $270.00
  • 20 Dofollow Blog Comments @ $9/day

Package 3

  • $360.00
  • 30 Dofollow Blog Comments @ $12/day

Package 4

  • $480.00
  • 50 Dofollow Blog Comments @ $16/day

Package 5

  • $750.00
  • 100 Dofollow Blog Comments @ $25/day

Super Bulk Package

Package A

  • $200.00
  • 300 Dofollow Blog Comments

Package B

  • $380.00
  • 600 Dofollow Blog Comments

Package C

  • $650.00
  • 1200 Dofollow Blog Comments


Yes, the posts and comment will be written in English, the keywords might be accepted in foreign languages.
Yes! Pre existing websites or new ones, we do it all. Not only this, we can also build one for you and plan its SEO strategies.

We do not guarantee immediate ranking because Google and other search engines do not have any absolute rule while ranking websites and their algorithms keep changing. We use optimization tools to provide higher ranks to your website but according to Google policies some sites are not ranked immediately but your website will rank up higher for sure.

Oh yes. A detailed report with links for you to locate and read posts and activities carried on your behalf will be provided to you.

Usually it takes no more than 5 to 12 days for the completion of your order. We try our best to deliver services on time along with understanding your business needs best.

First choose your desired topic category, your target website URL, and we will immediately set up everything else required for preceding your order and backlink activation.

Yes we do, we immediately solve your problems if you have any in your orders. Make sure we are posting these comments to 3rd party blogs if you want to remove any links we will try to contact blog owner and send them request for link removal

Yes, absolutely. You are free to provide us any URL you like for example it can be, your Company website, Blog, Forum, Affiliate Site, online shop, YouTube Video, eBay store, Amazon account or product and even social media pages on Facebook or Twitter.

Refund Policy:

No Refund of Payment will be made once we delivered the report.